Health and Weight Management

One Hour Individual Session over Zoom per week over Six weeks available to book@60euro/50 sterling per Individual session.Week one:Importance of Goal Setting and Planning Achievable Steps.Week Two:Healthy Eating Strategy,Enhancing Our Self Esteem,Meditation.Week Three:Reframing Unhealthy Eating Behaviours,Self Care.Week Four:Self Hypnosis For Weight Management,Visualisation.Emotional Health.Week Five:Stress Management Skills.Motivation.Week Six:Healthy Diet/Exercise Choices.Life Balance.

Caroline is the Author of Health And Weight Management Teachings From The East She is trained in NLP,Self Hypnosis,Tai chi and Acupuncture.

Contact Caroline to make an Enquiry/Book Appointment at:Carolineraiwalsh@gmail.com

Start Your Healthy Weight Goal Today!

To view and purchase click on this link : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Health-Weight-Management-Teachings-East/dp/1913776077

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