Food Elimination Diet For Intolerances

Do you sometimes feel tired and run down with no explanation?The answer may be what you are eating.Trying an elimination diet may be the way to pinpoint food sensitivities.Some experts say up to 20% of the population suffer from a food intolerance .Elimination diets can help with bloating ,gas,constipation etc.Some people feel better by eliminatingContinue reading “Food Elimination Diet For Intolerances”

Potting Plants and Your Calm Zone

What does potting plants have to do with Health and Weight Management?When you are highly stressed it is unlikely that you will adhere to your self care rituals of exercise and healthy eating.Finding a way to destress is key to your Health Management.Whether you have a garden or not ,you can still pot and careContinue reading “Potting Plants and Your Calm Zone”

Green Smoothie Hunger Fix

Smoothies are a great go to for Health and Weight Management when you feel like giving in to a hunger craving between your meals.Green smoothies can be nutrient dense and a source of protein which is important for muscle building and also Fibre which is good for the digestive system.Give yourself an energy blast withContinue reading “Green Smoothie Hunger Fix”

Meditation and Weight Management

Your mindset is crucial when losing weight.Meditation can help change your mindset.A 2017 review showed that mindfulness practice was effective in reducing weight.According to the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh “when we eat our meal ,we should show up for that meal 100%….when we take time to take care of our emotions with mindfulness andContinue reading “Meditation and Weight Management”

Protein For Weight Management

Protein is important for Weight Management.Not only will it keep you fuller for longer,but it will also speed up your metabolism and helps build muscle.Increasing your protein intake not only boosts your metabolism but increases the number of calories you burn.Keeping up your protein intake will also help prevent muscle loss during weight loss. AlongContinue reading “Protein For Weight Management”

Emotional Reset

Sometimes you can be going great-fitness,foodwise,everywise and then you hit a roadblock.It could be anything;a health issue,work issue,a family matter and you are suddenly the small boat that has been completely blown off course!I have to admit I have had a bit of a week like that!Thankfully it does not happen often!What do you doContinue reading “Emotional Reset”